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November 30, 2015 - John's Creek

Happy Belated-Thanksgiving Y'all!!!  I'm so excited for W and her mission!! The pictures of Grandma's birthday that y'all sent were great!! It was so good to see everyone's smiling faces! :)
Thanksgiving was great and oh so filling! First we went to the K's, a less-active part member family's, home for dinner and all of the food looked and smelled so good that we ate more than we should've, forgetting that we would be going to another member's home for second dinner! Hah! After the K's we had dinner with the R's, which was great because Brother R is in the YSA Bishopric and Sister R is the Stake Relief Society President which means we never get to see them in our Ward. Both dinners were soooo good!! For third dessert we went to another member's home, the C and that's where you received a picture of me. :) It was so fun to be at the C's home because so much of their family was there and you could just feel the love that they had for one another. It reminded me of how nice it is to be with family, especially during the holidays and it also reminded me of how wonderful it will be in the eternities when all of us can be together as one big family. :)
The day after Thanksgiving we had interviews with President and then attended a Temple session....and let me just say....it was soooooooo wonderful!!! This was probably one of my favorite interviews with President because I felt so much love from him and I could tell as we were discussing plans for the future that he had my best interest at heart and that everything was going to work out. Being in the Temple again was sooo amazing!! I felt like my spiritual armor was recharged and ready for defense against the attacks of the Adversary. I literally felt like the adversary couldn't get to me because of the strength from the Temple - such a cool feeling! One of the neat tender mercies is that while we were in the Temple we were able to see Brother M for a brief moment and it was the best!! Brother M used to be in charge of the Institutes and Seminaries in northern Georgia and in the High Council while I was serving in Big Shanty. His office was in our church building and he taught our Institute class, so we often turned to him with questions, advice, and support. I have only received three blessings of comfort on my mission and two were given to me by Brother M. To kind of give y'all a glimpse of how awesome he, is many people say that he is one of the three Nephites haha and after reading President Boyd K. Packer's eulogy it reminded me of Brother M hands down. Now he's working in the Temple as the Recorder, so it was a huge tender mercy to be able to see him again and to top it all off to see him in the Temple.
This week as were were leaving a member's home, the Re's, after delivering a Thanksgiving message Brother Re said with a smile, "Remember, when people are mean to you it only means satan is getting frustrated." I wish that someone had told me that when I first came out on my mission because after hearing that, this past week I feel like everything was put so clearly into perspective. 
To the future missionaries: a mission isn't easy, but it is so worth it. Once your name tag is placed on you in the MTC you begin training for your place on the front lines of battle in the War against good and evil. Remember that you are on the Lord's side and that you have been endowed with gifts, power, and protection from on high. Together with our brothers and sisters you stand side by side with the Savior of the World and because He never gave up, you too cannot give up. He will be your support and strength. Trust Him. This is not about you or me. It is about Heavenly Father, His work, and the love He has for His children. What it all comes down to is charity, the pure love of Christ. My prayer has been that our faith and hope may be renewed every day. If you and I can be filled with faith, hope, and His love then I promise that when the Savior comes again in His glory, "we shall see him as he is; that we may have this hope; that we may be purified even as he is pure. Amen." (Moroni 7:48).
I love y'all soooooo much-ooooooooo!!!!!!!! Remember that y'all are always in my prayers!!
Lots of Love (from your favorite Sister Missionary),
Sister Megan Rice

P.S. We had dinner with President Ernst (Stake President) and his family yesterday and we were finally able to talk about Esperanza and our home town Yorba Linda! It was awesome!! Also a new Christmas video came out yesterday! Y'all should check it out! Here's the link: Christmas.mormon.org and the name of the video is A Savior is Born :) love y’all!!

Christmas Tree! 

Temple day!

Tee hee :)

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