Thursday, October 9, 2014

2 months down! 16 more to go! -Lilburn

This past week has gone by, yet again, in a blurr, but we did have some neat miracles! My companion and I are team teaching an investigator with the YSA Elders, her name is Nini and we try to talk with her everyday. Usually if she calls us and we don't answer we try to call her back in the next hour or so and everything works out, but one day we missed her call and no matter how many times we tried to call her back we couldn't get to her. We wanted to talk with her but we couldn't go visit with her because we needed to save miles (we can only go a certain amount of miles in a month) so we went about our day as usual. When the evening rolled around the plans we had made fell through. We decided to go to the Church and come up with a plan. As we were sitting in the parking lot of the church we noticed the YSA Elders over by the YSA building. We needed to talk with them so we decided we'd head over. When we talked with them we discovered N was inside the building for Institute! We were able to stay with her for the class and later discovered that she had a very hard day and needed some comfort, which we were able to give her. The next day we had planned on meeting with N at her place only to discover that she wasn't there, which was a bummer. So we decided to go to a little shopping center parking lot and make plans. OF COURSE, N was sitting right outside at the Sonic waiting for her food! We had a very good meeting with her and overall everything worked out.
Wasn't General Conference amazing?! I can't wait to have a hard copy of the talks in my hand next month, it will be so nice to study them and learn even more! What were some things that stuck out to ya'll? I would love to read your thoughts. :) Some of my favorite talks were President Monson (of course haha), Elder Scotts, Elder Bednar, Tad R. Callister, and Larry S. Kacher. There were tons of other talks that I loved as well!
Life in Georgia has definitely gotten cooler! They're predicting this Winter will be another cold one and I don't doubt it! Other than that missionary work keeps moving forward. Well I don't have too much time now, so I'll end with some of my thoughts from Conference. Families are important to the Lord and as the world is becoming darker the adversary is working even harder to destroy them. As we strengthen our lives with prayer, scripture study, family home evening, and the Temple we will find peace in a world that seems so dark. Listen to the Prophet, heed his council. We will be protected and prepared if and as we do. The challenges we face in this life aren't easy, there were never meant to be, but through the Atonement burdens can be made light and we are able to endure with a positive attitude towards life. Remember, our Savior is the Prince of Peace. He is waiting, come unto Him. I know that our Savior lives. He is waiting for us. Come unto Him.
Remember I love ya'll so muchoooo!! :) You're always in my prayers.
Lots of love (from your favorite Sister Missionary),
Sister Rice :)

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