Friday, December 5, 2014

December 1, 2014 - Lilburn

 Happy be-lated Thanksgiving and Happy be-lated Birthday to Grandma Killpack!! It looks like ya'll had a great time together this past Thanksgiving! I love seeing all of ya'lls smiling faces! :) Thanksgiving this year was really neat. Two families in our ward were kind enough to feed us for both breakfast and dinner (lunch/dinner) on Thanksgiving! Want to know the awesome part?! After dinner the family we ate with had prepared TWELVE PIES!! It was a blast!
     Before dinner we were able to go tracting for two hours! (woot woot) I was kind of surprised to see that the people we talked to were very friendly and not upset that we had interrupted their holiday, in fact, they were happy to take a break and talk with us about our Savior, Jesus Christ. Although talking with a lot of people was great, probably the best part was sharing "He is the Gift" with others. Have ya'll seen "He is the Gift" yet? It's a video all about the greatest gift every given, and wow. It is special! Whether you've seen it or not I would invite ya'll to watch it (and to watch it again and again and again haha). It will bring peace into your life.
     One of the miracles my companion and I experienced this week was with one of our investigator's mother, Y. We decided to pop on over to, one of our investigators, C's house the day after she got back from a cruise with Y, and Y's boyfriend, J. Upon arriving to her home we noticed that J was washing the cars outside and that Y was waiting in the garage. As we approached them, Y greeted us both with big hugs. :) We began talking with her and out of nowhere Y said, "I'm going to come to Church this Sunday." Haha Say whaa?!! Talk about a missionary's dream come true!! My companion and I couldn't believe what we had just heard; we were super excited!! 
     As Sunday rolled around the corner we couldn't wait to see C and Y at Church, but as the time grew closer to the start of Sacrament Meeting we didn't see them. A little worried, we called them only to find out that Y thought Church started at 1 (an hour later than it starts) and by the end of our phone call we weren't sure if they would come or not so we waited and by the end of Church Y and C hadn't shown up. It was disappointing, but we decided to visit them later in the evening to see what had happened.
     After Church the day grew into the evening and before we knew it we were standing at Y and C's home. When we knocked on their door, we were surprised to see Y in a very nice dress and as we began to talk with her we discovered that Y and C had gone to Church! The reason we didn't see them is because they had attended the wrong building!! (Hah!) We were so pleasantly surprised! As we talked with Y more she said, "I liked it. It was warm. Although we were total strangers everyone welcomed us. It wasn't like the other Churches." :) In that moment my worries melted away. 
     God is aware of each of us. This is His work. This Gospel is one of joy; it is a message of peace, love, strength, and change. I am so grateful to share this message with all and to bear my witness to all that He lives and that the Church of Jesus Christ has been restored in it's fullness in these the latter days. 
     With Christmas fast approaching I challenge each of you today to...



     I promise that by DISCOVERING, EMBRACING, and SHARING The Gift with others you will be strengthened, protected, and experience true peace and joy. I hope ya'll have a wonderful week, full of miracles. Remember that I love ya'll soooooo much-oooo!!!! Ya'll are always in my prayers.

Lots of love (from your favorite Sister Missionary),
Sister Megan Rice
Twelve Pies!

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