Friday, September 25, 2015

September 14, 2014 - Web Bridge

I wish I could express just how much yalls emails and letters mean to me. They are rays of sunshine that add to the light in every week. :)  I love the quote that were shared from Grandpa and especially your notes from the regional stake WAS AWESOME!! I wish I could've heard what they had to say! 

I'm getting so excited and ready for General Conference. haha :) Also I love the picture of the crochet dress that Aunt B made. It is remarkable and so beautiful! You can really tell that she puts love and effort into her creations of art. She really has a talent! Thank you also for sending pictures of J and I, they are so beautiful! It warms my heart to see them. :) I can't believe how big they are!!

This week we saw many miracles, one such miracle occurred last Thursday. The night before, during planning, my companion and I made an appointment with the Lord to be in specific areas at specific times. As we knelt down in prayer we told Him where we would be and when, we then asked Him to lead us to the people who were ready and vice versa. Well as Thursday afternoon rolled around we got a phone call from one of the members. She said that she couldn't remember if she had signed up for dinner that night and although it was last minute said that we were more than welcome to come. Because we didn't have a dinner that night we happily accepted. As soon as we hung up my companion and I realized that the time we were supposed to go to dinner was the time that we had set an appointment with the Lord. After pondering we both felt that we needed to stay in that area. So we called back the member and asked for a rain check. As we went to the area we were supposed to, at the time that we were supposed to, we ended up teaching someone new and now have a return appointment with not only the person that we taught, but with her whole family (which altogether totals to 6-7 people). Following the Spirit is so incredibly important, even when that means that it might offend someone. In the end everything worked out and that member brought us over some leftover soup this morning. :)

I also wanted to share some thoughts on the importance of the sacrament. This past Sunday I was reminded, yet again, that the sacrament is the only ordinance that is performed for the same individual over and over again. I've learned that when we take the sacrament it not only renews the covenants made at baptism, but also all covenants made with the Lord including the ones made in the House of the Lord. Every week we have the opportunity to have the cleansing effect of baptism and confirmation through Christ's Atonement. As the world is growing darker and darker I am so grateful that Father in Heaven planned and prepared a way for His covenant children to gain renewed strength, protection, and power every week. The sacrament is a holy time. It is a time that requires reflection and preparation throughout the week and I am so grateful for loving parents who showed me the importance of the sacrament. I know that the sacrament is a gift from God.

Remember that I love yall sooooooooooooooooo much-oooooooooooooooo!!!! Yall are always in my prayers.

Your favorite Sister Missionary, Megan Rice

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