Friday, September 25, 2015

September 8, 2014 - Web Bridge

I can't believe that they've changed the Ward boundaries, our Ward back home must be growing! I remember the last Sunday in my first area on my mission. My last Sunday was the day that they showed the new boundaries for the Ward. It was kind of a crazy feeling to leave the Ward right before such big changes!! Now skipping forward to this area the Wards here, in Alpharetta, are bursting at the seams and will be split as soon as a new building is built. Change can be so crazy, but I'm grateful for change because it shows growth and an opportunity to become better. :) 

Also, I LOVE the quotes you send me every week!! Each week I look forward to the new quotes that you'll choose. It's nice being able to have the quotes on hand so that the Spirit can draw from my "spiritual well" of knowledge when we teach. :)

It's funny but I actually used the phrase, "Improvise, adapt, and overcome." this week. (Another one I like is "Accept, let go, move on. There is peace in moving forward.") It sounds like the Stake has a fun activity planned ahead! You'll have to take pictures for me so I can see all of the talent in our Stake. :) 

This week things have gotten a lot better. A little while back one of my close friends shared some wisdom from her mission. She said that everything that happens on a mission is designed for the individual missionary. Whether it's a difficult companionship, a rough area, overcoming the fear of failure, or whatever it might be every experience is designed to shape us into the individual that Father in Heaven knows we can become. As I have been learning and growing the past few weeks I've been reminded that this idea is true not just for missionary work but for our own individual lives. I have felt that this lesson is something that will help the people in this area. 

I know that God hears our prayers and if we will listen we will come to see that Heavenly Father is eagerly communicating back to us. He loves us. He is in the details of our lives. I know that Jesus Christ lives and that He and our Father in Heaven want us all back home again someday. Remember that I love y'all soooooooooo much-oooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Y'all are always in my prayers; every day and every night. :)

PS: I just wanted to express a special thank you for all of the emails that y'all have been sending me almost every day this past week. Your words got me through and motivated me to keep trying. I am so grateful for the support that comes from family. Heavenly Father is so incredible to have created such a beautiful way for His children to feel love and support in such a unique way; the family. I thank Heavenly Father every day that I was sent to you, my most-loved Mom and Dad. Thanks again! I love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) 

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