Saturday, January 23, 2016

January 19, 2016 - John's Creek

This week there were really good moments and really slow moments haha. We've been trying to keep the balance between our teaching and finding pools right now since the majority of our investigators will be baptized soon and so we've been knocking on a lot of doors and trying a lot of potential/former investigators. Unfortunately the majority of them have not been interested or at home thus making some days drag on f.o.r.e.v.e.r. haha, but(!) we're focusing on the good things in life and holding on. :)
Well to start off, this week, we gave a ninety year old lady a bath haha. She kept talking about how no one helps her clean herself and how she always feels dirty to which she added that her grandson would be coming the next day and so we offered to clean her feet, and that turned into her legs which turned into her whole top half haha. It was nothing new for me because I've bathed elderly people before but I'll admit it was kind of funny seeing my companion freak out a little, and then watch as she squared her shoulders, so to speak, and then got to work. Haha What made this situation even better is the fact that this lady can talk! We literally have to walk out of the house before she stops talking, haha, and I love her for that! 
After that notable experience we had another lesson with the awesome less-active family that's returning to activity (with the son that's going to be baptized) and this time the lesson went a lot better. Towards the end the son started having problems participating again, but the experience, as a whole, was so good because you could literally see the difference in this family. They were so happy and the father has totally softened up! Haha 
A little while before I got here the Sisters received a referral from the mission office. The referral specifically requested that service be given for a husband and wife. The Sisters had helped them a couple of times before I came to John's Creek and when I got here our service became a regular thing. Over time we've became really close and every time we went over we would leave spiritual messages, but we'd never invited her to learn the lessons. Looking back I realize how foolish that was and have since repented for not inviting her, but this past week we finally did it and her response was really good. She said that she would love to take the lessons as soon as she has her feet more planted. Right before we left we gave her a copy of the Book of Mormon and invited her to read it, to which she thanked us and said she would and then we left. The next morning we got a text from her saying, "I have read several chapters in your again for the book. I like that it's concise.". We were so excited and happy!!
After serving with the above mentioned wonderful lady haha, we had a great lesson with an awesome less-active/part-member family. A little while ago the member said that he was worried because he couldn't feel the Spirit anymore so we've been purposefully teaching spirit packed lessons, such as role playing the first lesson and then teaching the Plan of Salvation (our next lesson will be the Gospel of Jesus Christ). After our lesson we paused and then asked him what he felt. I will never forget the moment when he told us, kind of excitedly, that he felt the Spirit during specific points in our lessons. As we talked more about this and testified of God's love for him the Spirit hit so strong. It was a really powerful experience. 
Sunday night we were at the Stake President's house for dinner. (This is the same Stake President who went to my High School and I love them so much! Haha) After dinner and the spiritual message we were surprised to find that the Stake President started asking us about one of the family of investigators we're teaching. Next thing we knew he started mentioning the things that they could do to help, which then turned into a discussion, which then turned into a group effort to help this family in their progression towards conversion and baptism. It was great! What made it even better was that a member of the Bishopric was there and he was asked by the Stake President to take these ideas and plans of action to the Bishopric! It was a great feeling being able to work together as a team to help this family. 
We had a super powerful Zone Conference this past week which gave all of us, especially Sister H and I, a re-boost in our efforts as missionaries. It was just the boost we needed to get all fired up again and so we've been going the extra mile and more haha and although we haven't seen a lot of success knocking on doors we had a really good pass-off lesson with a YSA investigator (pass-off/transition lessons are lessons in which the missionaries pass off an investigator to the new missionaries that will be teaching them during a lesson). Towards the end of the lesson we invited him again if he would be baptized and the spirit was strong. I will never forget that moment when he looked at us and said so unwaveringly, "yes". It was powerful.
There's one more miracle I want to mention and it's one that happened today. We decided to go out to lunch with one of the members in our Ward and afterwards she payed for all of our was such a blessing to more ways than can be understood and I wonder if she knew just how much what she did meant to us. I can definitely testify that there are angels all around us. They are the ones that help those in need and love, in every sense of the word, without condition. I'm so grateful for a loving Heavenly Father who helps His children through others and I know that those who give of themselves for others are blessed. 
Life is full of twists and turns; opportunities to fall, get back up or stay there, eventually move forward, and repeat. I'm so grateful for these moments because really they're opportunities to grow and if founded upon the gospel of Jesus Christ they are opportunities to grow on the path of our Savior. That's what the gospel of Jesus Christ is to me, a pattern of  good growth that lasts the rest of our lives. I love y'all sooooo much-ooooooooo!!!!!!! Remember that y'all are always in my prayers.
Lots of Love (from your favorite Sister Missionary),

Sister Megan Rice


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