Monday, September 1, 2014

Week 2 -Lilburn

So a lot has happened this week. On Sunday August 10th we found a young woman (Elena [ee-lane-uh] 16) while tracting who was super interested in what we had to share and after chatting she said she would love to learn more and that we could come back next Saturday(the 16th) so we came back on Saturday and taught her the first lesson (the Restoration). It was incredible. Elena was so interested and excited she wanted to learn more and even wanted to come to church. She is sooo ready for the Gospel and I know that her family and boyfriend will be too. We also taught two more new investigators who are also ready for the Gospel. It's a great blessing to witness those who's hearts have been prepared. Now that I know Dad has been praying specifically for these type of experiences to happen it all makes sense, because for a while we were hitting a "plateau" period where no one was interested in our message and then BAM three new investigators and four people who are interested in learning more. It really is incredible being apart of the Lord's work. 

Now for the not-so-great experience. On Friday August 15 we were just getting ready to leave this neighborhood when this little girl waved to us and said "hi" from her porch so we decided we would go to one more house. So we start walking up from their driveway to the porch and notice that the majority of the family goes into their house and that some of them are just cracking up! I thought that they were probably just laughing because we had come up to their house after their little daughter had said hi and they really didn't want us to come over so we continued to walk over to them. Then out of nowhere a bee stings my finger and next thing I know we are just covered in bees. They were seriously everywhere. In our hair, on our clothes, on our legs, and feet. It was crazy!!! So we freak out and run out of their driveway and try to get the bees off. It was a nightmare!!!! Eventually we got them off, and realized that the family was laughing because they knew we were going to get stung. Fortunately I only got two bee stings (thanks to my bug repellent which totally saved me) and my companion got five, but all is well, I'm doing great, and unfortunately I've gotta go. I LOVE YOU SOOOO MUCHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lots of love from your sista,
Sister (Megan) Rice

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