Monday, September 8, 2014

One month down :D - Lilburn

This week we did a lot of really neat things. Last Thursday we were able to go to the Temple to watch one of our recent converts do baptisms. Her name is Q and she is incredible! She's been a member for about a year now and this was her second time going to the Temple. E and two of our other investigators came to Church with us this past week and they all loved it! What was even better was that S (mother - Investigator) and L (daughter,  - Investigator) brought a friend with them who is now interested in learning more about the Church! We were so excited!! 

Today all of the Sisters in my zone were able to hike Stone Mountain, which just so happens to be the largest body of exposed Granite....IN THE WORLD!! In the past week it's been raining a lot and we had this CRAZY storm so of course Stone Mountain was pretty slippery when we hiked it, but it was definitely a lot of fun!! Overall it's been a great week! Thank you for the comments from... that book! That's definitely one of the first things you learn on a mission, that plain and simple is the way to go. When someone asks a question and we answer with this deep doctrinal answer it's like pushing someone who has never swam before into the deep end of a pool and saying "Why aren't you swimming, it's so easy!" It just doesn't work that way haha :)


Sister B,  Sister Q,  and Sister Rice at the Atlanta, Georgia Temple

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