Sunday, April 5, 2015

March 16, 2015 - Kennesaw

I'm so glad that you received my letter and that you enjoyed the pictures sent by our friends at the Methodist Food Pantry. They're the best! :) 

My previous companion was transferred to Commerce, GA and is currently serving as a Sister Training Leader there (I'm so proud of her!)  I Apparently had a violent case of the flu. It lasted three days and thankfully I'm all better now! :)  The Elder that got hit by a car is totally fine. It was a miracle for sure!!  Zone Conferences are interesting in this Zone haha... someday I'll have to tell you about them. :)  But to give a brief summary of what a Zone Meeting is it is a meeting where all the missionaries in a zone (zones are like stakes) get together and learn. They usually last 6 hours, including lunch. Also, just in case you don't know what a Sister Training Leader (STL) is they are kind of like the Zone Leaders for an area. They go on companion exchanges with all the Sisters in they're area and usually give trainings at all zone meetings. Hope that helps. Here is a picture of my new companion.

This past week I had amazing learning experiences. I was able to break through fear and contact up a storm.Before this week I was afraid to contact and honestly I still am, which is kind of ironic since we're on campus all the time, but what I've learned this past week is that it's ok to be afraid. Before this week I didn't want to admit that I was afraid to walk up to people and talk to them because: 1. I'm a missionary 2. I've been out for over 7 months now, and 3. frankly I thought I shouldn't be afraid, or at least that's what was going through my head. Until I finally conquered my fear I didn't realize that over time this fear began to weigh on me and bind me like a chain. With this new transfer beginning and a fresh start ahead I decided that now was the time to overcome my fear and Heavenly Father provided the perfect opportunity to overcome it. 
     It was a cold, gloomy, rainy day and my companion and I were worried that there would be no one on campus to contact, but we had no one to teach so we decided to pray. Sitting inside of our car, we prayed that people would have the desire to "take a walk" despite the rain, that their hearts would be softened, that we would be courageous and that we would be given the words to say in the moments that we needed them. After finishing our prayer, off we went to campus and the next thing we know we start to see people. At first I thought about how afraid I was, I was so scared, and then I thought, "Yeah, I'm scared but, that's ok, I'm going to do it anyway." That day I talked to everyone. By the end of our contacting time we met 15 people, 5 of which either had a friend or neighbor who was LDS or had wanted to "break down walls" and learn more about the Church. 
     Heavenly Father heard my prayer. He is aware of me and my struggles and with Him I can do anything. I am so grateful for this unique opportunity I have to come unto my Savior as I help bring others closer to Him. I know He does all of this not just for me, but for you. I hope that this week brings you brighter hope and joy. Remember that I love y'all sooooooooooooo much-ooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Y'all are always in my prayers. So long for now~

Lots of love (from your favorite Sister Missionary),
Sister Megan Rice

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