Monday, August 17, 2015

May 4, 2015 - Kennesaw

This week we did a TON of contacting because we have pretty much no one new to was great!! Haha Besides that we've been meeting with our recent converts and let me just say I love them so much!! One of the perks of being in YSA is that we get to go to Institute. Here on KSU we have the best Institute teacher EVER...his name is Brother M. Unfortunately this semester ends this week and so this past week was our last class for Institute with Brother M, that is until Fall Semester, but since I probably won't be here in the Fall it was kind of sad. Besides that not much else happened....except for a couple cool miracles I had. :) 
     One morning my companion and I were contacting on campus when we found out that 1. the cubes were possibly getting taken away and (thus possibly making it so that we couldn't be on campus anymore) and 2. either our car or the Kennesaw Sister's car was going to be taken away. When we learned this it kind of felt like everything was crashing down, all at once. All of a sudden it felt like there was this weight around us, negative thoughts started coming to our minds, we didn't have a desire to go contacting anymore, (and I mean seriously even I was getting negative!!) and then we came up with a brilliant idea. We decided that for every negative thought that would come to our mind we would replace it with a scripture. When we began to do this everything changed. We were given the strength to continue contacting, peace entered our thoughts, and the time, which at the beginning seemed to drag on, now went by quickly. The scriptures are powerful. I have no doubt that the Bible and the Book of Mormon are the words of God and I am so grateful for them. 
     As the day progressed I soon realized why it was so difficult for us in the morning. All we had planned for that day was contacting and referrals and then the afternoon hit and all of a sudden we had appointments piling up on each other. We were so booked that at one point we had to split up to teach. Here's where my second miracle comes into play. So my companion was teaching one of our investigators and I was teaching one of our recent converts who as of two months ago became less active. As I was talking to him he completely opened up to me. At one point he said, "All my life I feel like I keep running away from God. He tries to speak to me but I don't listen, but now I feel like He's speaking through you.You've helped me see what I couldn't see before and someday I want to do the same thing for someone else." As a missionary you're always told that you are a representative of Jesus Christ, but it never hit me like it did, until this moment. Every morning we quote 3 Nephi 5:13 which says, "Behold, I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I have been called of Him to declare His word among His people that they might have everlasting life." I am so grateful that I have been called of Him to declare His word among His people that they might have everlasting life. I know this is exactly where I am supposed to be at this point in my life and I wouldn't trade any moment of my mission for anything.
     I'm excited to see y'all so soon!! Can y'all believe it?! Only 5 more days till we can SKYPE!!! Speaking of Skype...will y'all be able to skype at 7pm GA time ( 5pm UT time)? That's the time my companion told her parents she would be able to skype. If not we might be able to work something else out. Anywhoo...I hope y'all are doing well and I hope I'll be able to get an email from you soon. I love y'all sooooooooooo much-oooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Remember, y'all are always in my prayers.

Lots of love (from your favorite Sister Missionary),
Sister Megan Rice

1 John 4:18-19, " There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love. We love him, because he first loved us."

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